Work Experience

2013 Student Conference “GENERATION H20” hosted by The StudeBefore deciding to embark on a career in Landscape Architecture, you need to be sure that the career is the right one for you. Whether you are considering embarking on a design-focused career in landscape, or if you are more focused on the scientific and ecological aspects of this very broad discipline, you will have lots to gain by observing someone who is already qualified going about their daily business.

And it doesn’t need to be a challenge either – with a bit of proactive web searching you can find out about the practices in your area and even get in contact with them directly to find out more.

To organise a work placement or visit to a work place, we advise that you use the Landscape Institute’s registered practice directory to locate practices in your area, then get in touch with them, by phone or email (or both!) about work and experience opportunities.

Most agree that the best approach is to call them and then follow up with a email later that week; always make a note of who you speak to and even if you are unsuccessful initially, try to stay in contact with your local practices so that they think of you when a suitable opportunity arises.

Phillipa went to Liz Lake Associates for her year out work experience- read more here.

If you have any more questions about gaining experience prior to or during study then you can email the Landscape Institute Careers Officer directly on

Top image: © Harrison Phair/Landscape Institute